Wednesday, January 28, 2009

We're still here...

Well, not too much going on here. The last couple of weeks have pretty much been the same around here. Today, we have a tile guy working on the Master Bath -- Finally! It will take him 3 days to complete the job, as we are having the shower, floor and a wainscoating put 1/2 way up the wall too. We've also started the framing for the 3rd bedroom -- which was once the loft. We figured that would be the easiest to make a bedroom for now. Maybe at some point we'll talk about doing some work in the Basement, but not before we do the Kitchen -- still 1+ years away, but we can start making plans and saving the money.

I worked at the National Western Stock Show over the last couple of weeks, and we did get a chance to go to a performance of Dancing Horses, but we forgot a memory card for the camera, so no photos to show you -- sorry.

We will both be gone -- in different places :-( -- next week. Chris will be in San Diego for a conference and Trade Show and I'll be at a County Director's meeting for Extension. I wish I didn't have my meeting, 'cuz I would have gone to San Diego with him. Oh well.

Well, my lunch hour has come to a close -- talk again soon.

Holli (& Chris too)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

First Anniversary Trip

One of the places we visited for our First Anniversary mini-vacation in Colorado Springs was the Air Force Academy. The place we wanted to see most was the Chapel. It was beautiful, and HUGE. The main sanctuary sat over 1200 people, and there were two additional worship spaces on the lower level. It was very beautiful.
Click to play AFA -- 11.26.08

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo - 11.25.08

Over our Anniversary back in November, we took a mini-vacation down to Colorado Springs to see a few of the sights. They have a great little zoo built into the side of Cheyenne Mountain. They even have a ski lift to the top if you don't feel like walking. We did the walking -- it was good for us. We really enjoyed all the pretty cool animals they had there.

Click to play Zoo Trip - 11.25.08
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Keeping up the Resolution

Hi again!
So, here I am -- trying to keep up my resolution of posting on our blog more often. Let's see... This past week has been pretty ho-hum. Nothing really too exciting. Chris has been working on framing in the opening in the loft and putting a door in to make it into a 3rd bedroom. It should be a pretty straight-forward project. Once he gets the framing done and the door hung, we'll have an inspector out to look at it and hopefully deem the house a 3-bedroom, since now, legally it is only a 2-bedroom house. Then, we'll have a dry waller out to finish up the job.

We are also in the middle of working on the Master Bathroom. We had to tear out all the tile because of mold, and we also ended up with a new bathtub. Although I had big hopes of an expansion, it didn't happen. It is probably for the best, as the house and the neighborhood don't warrant large spaces like new houses have.

After we are done with these two projects, we are going to quit the projects for a while -- won't that be nice -- and start saving for our Kitchen re-model.

Well, like I said, pretty ho-hum.

Have a good week everyone!


Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Can you believe it? We are posting to the blog -- it is about time.

So, with it being New Year's Day, I (Holli) have decided to make a few resolutions for 2009.

#1 -- Post to the blog more regularly -- for me that's going to be at least once per month, but hopefully more often if events of our life dictate and time allows. It seems we really don't have too much to talk about -- we are just doing our thing.

#2 -- Being more healthy -- including eating better and exercising regularly. This means at least 3 times per week for me. This one is being influenced by Chris, as he is determined to drop a pant size, as he has gained one size since the wedding. (from a 34 to a 36 -- big deal!) I think we have both gotten "comfortable" over this past year. They say college freshmen gain 15+ pounds. Well, I wonder if there's ever been a study on Newlyweds?

As for Chris, the exercise is definitely on his mind, and I'd say that is his big resolution. We actually bought an exercise bike off Craig's List yesterday, so once we get that in, we'll trade off between it and the treadmill.

Happy New Year everyone!