Sunday, April 27, 2008

ho hum

That's about it -- life is ho hum right now. I've (Holli) been working a lot -- Chris asked me the other day if "they" (whoever they is) have ever thought about making the schedule of an Extension Agent Tuesday through Saturday. I guess I've been working a lot of Saturdays. It really has only been the last two in a row. We had our Earth Day for Kids event on April 19, and then yesterday we did two events -- A garden fair at a new home development in the morning and a floral design class in the afternoon. I couldn't have done it all without help from Chris, since I really have not figured out how to be two places at once yet. I sure was wiped out by the end! It was a long day. We went out for dinner last night, and I can't believe that I was able to keep my eyes open long enough to watch a movie when we got home.

Our trees seem to be doing ok -- that seems to be the big excitement lately. The serviceberry is in bloom and the oak looks to be on the verge of budding. We are holding off on other gardening until we get back from the BIG TRIP. We leave in less than two weeks for our Alaska Honeymoon Cruise and then off to Michigan for our party with Amber over Memorial Day. Should be fun. We have been trying to think about the trip details now so we are not taken off guard when it comes time to pack, and don't have to do any mid-night Wal-Mart runs. One thing that is still up in the air is how we are going to get to the airport. If any of you have any influence over Chris -- let him know that a LIMO would be very appropriate for our HONEYMOON. :-)

Well, we're off for now.
Love & hugs to all!

Holli & Chris

Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Computer Arrives!

Wow, this thing has a big screen! Even bigger than my one at work. I'm not used to that -- I just assume that work stuff is going to be bigger, better and faster than home stuff, but not this time around. We got a Dell -- it has Windows Vista on it. Who knows if that will be good or not. I've heard there's a few glitches and problems with it, but let's hope they worked them out before our version.

We thought it wouldn't be here until next week, but I got a call yesterday that the FedEx guy was waiting at the door -- we had left a note to call me at work if he absolutely needed a signature, and he did so I raced home. It is nice to work so close. That was right at lunch-time. So, I brought it in and there it sat until after 9:00 last night. We had 4-H Archery practice last night (we are the coaches) so we couldn't play with it. I know Chris was chomping at the bit to get it set up. He actually ended up staying up until MIDNIGHT getting it all set up and getting the programs loaded. That's REALLY late for Chris to stay up, so he must have been excited!

Have to go now -- we have our Earth Day celebration with 50+ kids today for work, so I need to get mentally prepared to deal with that.

Talk soon,
Holli & Chris

Thursday, April 17, 2008

When All Else Fails...

Well, I've resorted to talking about the weather -- that's pretty bad! But, when we go from 85+ degrees one day to snow the next, it deserves at least a mention. That's Colorado!

Last weekend we planted two trees in our yard -- a little early for Earth Day, but since I (Holli) have an event to run this weekend for Earth Day, we figured we'd best get a head start on the celebration. Phil helped us pick them up from the nursery with his truck, and by mid-afternoon, they were both cozy in their new home. We have a Serviceberry and an English Spire Oak. One for each of us -- Chris likes the Oak and I like the Serviceberry. If you plan to plant a tree this year for Earth Day, check out the CSU Garden Notes on tree planting. The techniques have changed over the years. Here's a link to the on-line version.

Here's our new Serviceberry tree with yesterday's snow.
Here's our poor hyacinths and daffodils trying to withstand the snow.
It got worse overnight!

We also built a raised garden bed and we'll try our hand at a few veggies this summer. And, we needed someplace to put the extra soil from digging the holes for the trees, so it worked out well. Hopefully the computer will be here soon, so we'll post after that.

Holli & Chris

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Going, Going...

Our computer is going... We have been using Chris' laptop as our main computer at home and the screen is about to go. Staying on too long gives one a migrane, so I won't say too much today. We've got a new one ordered, but it probably won't be here until next week. It should be fun to get to use it, as the screen will be much larger. Well, the migrane is setting in...

Until next time,
Holli & Chris

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Bad Bloggers

Well, life has taken hold and blogging just hasn't been on the TO DO list lately. Honestly, we really don't feel like we have very much to say -- we are just living life -- any enjoying it along the way. We are getting ready for our big trip to Alaska to celebrate our marriage in a BIG way -- 2 whole weeks in Alaska cruising and touring. After our time in Alaska, we head straight to Michigan for Amber's High School Graduation Ceremony, Carrie's GVSU Graduation Party and our joint Wedding/Graduation celebration with Amber.

Let's see -- what's been going on? Well, we bought some trees for our yard last weekend and have plans to plant them this weekend. That will be a job! Our bulbs are all popping up. That's fun to watch. We both helped clean up the Master Gardener Demonstration Garden a couple of weeks back. And, we are getting ready to start up 4-H Archery in a couple of weeks. That should be interesting and fun all at the same time.

There's really not a whole lot to say. Chris is enjoying the new job -- back to doing what he loves -- design work. I continue to find challenges that energize me in my job, so I'll stick to it for a while longer.

Hope all is well with you. Take care -- our love...
Holli & Chris