Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Interviews Complete

We just finished the last of our home study interviews this morning.  We've been meeting with the social worker pretty much every week for about the last 3 1/2 weeks, and now were done.  So here's the most embarassing moment of them all.  So, our social worker got to the house this morning a few minutes before our appointment, so she sat in her car waiting - as she was sitting there, our neighbor across the street decided it would be a good time to stand in front of his sliding glass door to talk on the phone - IN HIS UNDERWEAR!  (Imagine a red-neck Santa Clause looking guy - white beard and belly - standing there in his whitie-tighties - but they were blue.)  Yes, we all got a pretty good laugh over it - but oh my goodness - how embarassing!  Why today?  Oh well - it was pretty funny.

Now, we wait.  Again.  Our social worker said it will take her about 4 weeks to write up the report.  (She works part time.)  Then, we will have the chance to read it over and sign off on it.  In the mean-time, we will be gathering photos and writing answers to a bunch of questions so that our profile (both print and on-line) can be created.  These need to be submitted soon, so as soon as our home study is approved, we can be activated and our profile can start to be shown to potential birth parents.  We will also be attending a training in early June.

So, that's it right now - more waiting!  That seems to be the constant in this whole process.