Friday, December 28, 2007

Photos -- FINALLY!

Here are a few photos of around our house this Christmas. We also did garland and ribbon on the stair railing and of course we put the snowman collection up on the fireplace mantle but the photo didn't turn out very well, so we can't show you.
Our Christmas Tree -- 2007

Main Street of the Christmas Village

Christmas Day Snow

Homemade Picture Frame for our Wedding Picture

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Weekend

Our Christmas Weekend

12/21/07 -- Date Night
We went on a date night -- the first time in a long time that we've been out to dinner and a movie. Chris got a gift card from his boss for one of our favorite restaurants -- Macaroni Grill and we had received a movie gift card for our wedding, so we took advantage of not having anything to do and did dinner & a movie. We also squeezed in a little shopping because we had a bit of time to kill in between. We saw National Treasure.

12/22/07 -- Lazy Day
On Saturday, we just hung around the house. We cleaned a bit for Monday and Chris worked on some woodworking projects. We also worked out getting photos from our wedding saved from the DVD we got from the photographer over to the computer as a back up.

12/23/07 -- Titanic
We went to chruch on Sunday morning, then grabbed a quick lunch on the 16th street mall before heading over to the Museum of Nature & Science to see the Titanic exhibit and IMAX movie. It was all pretty cool, but we had tickets for the last viewing of the exhibit, and there wasn't enough time for Holli to read EVERYTHING! (I like to read ALL of the stuff!) Oh well, I only missed a few paragraphs before the security guard kicked me out. Then we went grocery shopping for Monday.

12/24/07 -- Christmas Eve
We had Phil & Ellen over for dinner on Christmas Eve. We played Sequence -- Phil is jinxed -- he never won a game! We even switched partners, and he never won. Ellen thinks he has never, ever won a game when they have played. After a nice evening of talking, eating and games, we (Chris & Holli) went to the 11:00 PM Christmas Eve service at Trinity UMC.

12/25/07 -- Let it SNOW!
We enjoyed spending a quiet Christmas at home -- our first one as husband and wife. We enjoyed the snowfall today. We got about 6 - 8 inches total and Chris was happy. He had been wanting a white Christmas and he got his wish. We had a great breakfast of omlets (with left-over ham from dinner the night before) that Chris cooked up. Then we opened our gifts. Thanks everyone for the great stuff! Chris got a new miter saw, ear muffs, and new water bottles. Holli got a handmade photo frame for our wedding picture, a new holder (also handmade) for my hairdryer and curling iron, two new sweaters, and a couple of cute totes from LL Bean. (These were our gifts to each other.) Then we spent some time picking out our side trips for our honeymoon cruise in May. There were about 30-35 to choose from for each port, so we wanted to figure it all out, so we can get right on the web site in January when it opens and get the ones we want.

12/26/07 -- Back to Work
Although we both went back to work today, we enjoyed our first Christmas together as husband and wife. We will try to put some photos of the snow up soon.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Wedding Photos!

Since our little family just started about two weeks ago, we (well I) thought it would be fun to get going with a blog. That way, when we have photos to share and things to tell about, we can just post them on the blog and send the link.

So, our photographer posted about 20 photos from our wedding on his blog today. Check them out at Hopefully he will have the rest (he told me about 1,100 total) up on very soon. It requires a name and password, so I'll post that here and on our wedding web site too. (

In addition, my friend and Matron of Honor, Melissa has a few on her blog at, so you can check those out as well.

Happy viewing for now -- I'll post more soon!