Sunday, February 24, 2008

New Job

We've been remiss in posting to the blog -- sorry about that, but there really hasn't been all that much to tell about. We're in the middle of the winter and things just really aren't all that exciting.

One exciting thing is that Chris started a new job this past week. He is now with Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association. It is basically the same as Xcel or Detroit Edison. The only difference is that they don't distribute power to individual households -- they just run the operations to make and supply the power. He got a raise to take the job, but the best part is that he's now less than 5 miles from the house. We can have lunch together now if we want.

For Valentine's we were pretty low key. Chris brought me flowers and chocolate personally on the day before (I was out of the office the day of) and I got him gift certificates to one of his favorite little restaurants -- Great Scott's. It is a little 50's style restaurant that I'm not too terribly fond of, but I told him I'd go with him without complaint until the gift certificates are gone. We also went out to dinner the night before and went to see Stars on Ice -- got tickets for $12.50 each -- what a steal!

Last weekend, we had Chris' friends Paul and Diane and their kids here for dinner. They come out from Chicago every year to ski at Winter Park. We were supposed to ski with them on Sunday, but the weather was really bad driving up, so we turned around. They had taken the Ski Train up that day, so they missed out on the weather problems.

We went to the Garden & Home show this past week and found a few options for re-doing some of the surfaces in our kitchen. We found a counter top and cabinet re-finisher and are hoping to get an estimate. But who knows when we'll get the chance to get the work done.

Other than that, we've just been hangin' out. Pretty boring, but we have fun and laugh a lot. We're enjoying being married!