Saturday, February 28, 2009

Keeping up the resolution

So, I posted the last time on January 28, exactly one month ago. So, I just squeaked by with keeping my New Year's resolution of posting each month. Of course, things are pretty much the same old, same old around here.

I spent a week in Georgia from Feb. 18-25 helping my mom out with recovery from her hip replacement surgery. I loved being there to see both she and Gordy and I'm glad I was able to make it work out. Her surgery was actually on Feb 9th, she was in the hospital until the 12th. She started with home based physical therapy on the 13th, and is doing really well with her hip, but the surgery caused a foot drop, which basically means she can't bend her ankle because the nerve has been damaged. She also doesn't have feeling in her foot. Both of these things combined makes walking a bit difficult, but she is doing very good overall. The surgeon can't tell her a timeline for when the foot will get better, but she is making progress. Not knowing drives her crazy, of course. She'll start her physical therapy at the "gym" (on-site at the physical therapist's office) this coming week.

As for our house, the master bathroom STILL isn't done. The first tile guy didn't work out because he and Chris had a disagreement on materials used to hang the wall tile in the shower. The tile guy wouldn't change it, and Chris wanted it changed, so the tile guy left. So, needless to say, it took a couple of weeks to get the next one scheduled. He is working as we speak. Hopefully he'll get done this weekend. Then, we have to put the sinks and counter tops in, get a plumber out to hook up the tub fixtures, paint, hang the mirrors, hang accessories, etc., etc., etc.... Oh joy!

We are waiting until we are done with the bathroom to get the inspector out for the loft bedroom conversation, as we didn't want him seeing all of the work we did in the bathroom without an inspection. Then, I hope we take a break for a while. I'm sick of construction. I'd like to dust and vacuum and have it last for more than a day.

I recently did the flowers for a 410 person banquet -- 42 centerpieces! YIKES, but it was fun and I had help from one of my Master Gardeners -- Ann. Thanks Ann! Unfortunately, I didn't get to see them in "action" as I was at mom's by time the banquet happened. They got rave reviews though. Chris made a side table for the silent auction that went with the event and it brought $130. He seemed happy about that, and I was happy he helped out. He was able to use mostly scrap wood that he bought as a "lot" off of Craig's List. It looked really nice.

Next weekend, we head to Iowa for "baby" Benjamin's 1st Birthday and his baptism. Zachary will also be baptised in their new church, and Troy will make profession of faith. We'll will have photos to post of that for sure, so check back. I'll try to get them up soon afterward.

Please keep my mom in your thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery. Please also pray for Chris' grandma, Wilma Campbell (his dad's mom) who fell yesterday (2/27) and broke her hip in 3 places and also cut herself quite badly (she doesn't remember how). She's had surgery today. Also, please be thinking about and praying for my Aunt Lynn (Baxter), my Uncle Bob (Taylor) and my cousin Diane (Bloomer) who have all recently lost their jobs. I can't imagine trying to find a job in this economy. I'm more and more thankful every day for what we have. We are very lucky. I think that catches everyone up for now. Take care and "talk" soon.