Thursday, September 3, 2009

Happy News

Hello from Colorado,
I've not kept up on the New Year's resolution very well, but hey, I'm here now. So, Chris and I have very happy news to share -- we are expecting a baby! We are due March 8, 2010. We don't plan to find out the gender of the baby -- we just want a healthy baby -- that's all that really matters. So, green, yellow and orange are the colors of choice lately. We have decided that we will be getting one "big" baby item per month. Last month, it was the wood for a crib that Chris will be building. I'm so excited about that. Yesterday, we picked out this month's item -- a stroller, in orange. We went with the BOB Revolution. It is one of the "off-road" variety strollers that has the big air wheels. We are pretty excited about it. REI had them on sale THIS week, so it was now or pay a lot more, so we went for it. Chris, of course did his research and it had fantastic ratings and reviews. It has lots of accessories, but we decided that we would hold off on those. One that I want is a car seat adaptor, but we want to do our research on the car seats it works with -- hopefully at least one of them will rate well.

So, that's our news for now. I'm feeling much better these days -- had a few rough weeks, but nothing I couldn't handle. I don't look any different yet -- I've actually lost some weight over the last few weeks, so maybe I'll break down and post a picture or two at some point, but for now -- not much to see.

Hope you're all doing well -- see or talk to you soon.

Our Love,
Holli & Chris