Thursday, March 15, 2012

Paperwork complete... for now...

Today was a good day - I put the packet in the mail today - the one with all the documents that the home study agency wanted (well, except for the ones they forgot to send us and the one our insurance company needs to fill out).  All total, it was a list of 30+ things that we sent them, of which several had to be notarized or witnessed.  (Thank goodness for the list!)  Many of the items were 1 for each of us and we each had to have our fingerprints done too.  But I feel really good.  I worked on paperwork all day Saturday.  I filled out most of the forms and Chris read and signed the ones he needed to.  We did a few other things too (fixed the fence, went to church, visited Luke) the usual weekend stuff, but we devoted most of the weekend to getting through all of the paperwork. 

We both went to the doctor on Tuesday for physicals.  In my mind, I was thinking, "Really?"  Haven't I been to the doctor enough over the past 2 years?  But the doctor was great about it - just looking over all my recent visits, and not torturing me with any of the "you should exercise" lectures.  He just filled out the form for me.  He basically did the same for Chris. 

We had a call with American Adoptions yesterday to go over all of the information we submitted in our questionnaire - the Adoption Family Specialist was very positive about the information we had provided.  She felt we seemed very open in our preferences, which is good.  Now, we just have to get started on providing them with all of the stuff they are asking for...  a bizillion photos (if you have any goods ones of us - together or individually or with you - please send them!) and answering about 1000 questions so they can start to create our profile that will be shown to birth parents.  And all of this while working on our home study too.  Hopefully we will get a call early next week to get our home study appointments set up.  I know we will likely have 3 or 4 appointments with the Social Worker.  At least one of those will be here at the house.  Guess we better get to cleaning.  There goes any fun plans for the weekend. 

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